Functional & Flexibility fitness equipment by Panatta is a multi-versatile line presented by Designer Fitness Equipment. With endless workout combinations and a relatively small footprint, Our line of Functional & Flexibility equipment is a vital edition to any fitness facility floor space.

Panatta Inside Cable Machine, Most advanced on the market


The Panatta Inside line is capable of producing over 300 unique muscle training exercises, making it the most versatile and important tool for any fitness facility. The Inside pulley system allows for functional, isotonic, rehab, postural and sports training.

Inside by Panatta adapts the best training for any member lifestyle: from teenagers to senior citizens, bodybuilders to beginners. Inside is 3 solutions in one: dual adjustable pulley, cable crossover and single cable machines. The High Range of Motion system, unique in the fitness industry, allows maximum freedom of movement. With Inside it is possible to compose modular layouts: wall-mounted, in the center of the room, back to back and star.

Dual Adjustable pulley fitness system



Adjustable Pulley systems by Panatta is an extremely versatile and easy to use must have for any fitness facility. Gym members can perform various types of training: functional training, athletic training, rehabilitation and postural gymnastics. Due in part to the multi height adjustments and 360 ​​° of free motion, Dual Adjustable Pulley’s by Panatta adapts to any member goal or workout.


Flexibility Equipment

The FLEXOR and EXTENSOR stretching benches by Panatta is the end result of years of careful, calculated study and research. The goal is to provide gym members from any fitness level with valid and functional support for the practice of flexibility exercises. The end result created a perfect piece of Panatta equipment, saving floorspace while insuring proper stretching. 

Proper stretching significantly decreases the likely hood of member fatigue and injury, insuring retention while keeping active members on goal. From beginner to expert, the Flexor and Extensor stretching benches are great machines to balance out any floor space.

Dynamic Functional Cage

The Dynamic Functional Cage by Panatta provides full functional training. The cage itself is a solid structure able to withstand the toughest membership use all with a modern design.

100% Made in Italy and crafted from the finest materials.

In addition to the four models available, Designer Fitness Equipment and Panatta can exclusively create a completely custom Dynamic Functional Cage made according to the available space at your fitness facility or health club in accordance with the type of training taking place at your gym.

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